Initial Checkup
Your Initial Consultaion

The clinical examination will consist of a visual exam and a radiographic evaluation with the necessary diagnostic radiographs. If your treatment needs are complex, Dr. Nicholson may prescribe additional diagnostic records, such as three-dimensional imaging or models of your teeth. Once he has reviewed all of the findings from the clinical exam and diagnostic records, Dr. Nicholson will present your optimal treatment plan. He will explain the procedures involved, as well as the treatment sequence, and answer any questions you may have. He will also show you photos of similar cases and computer images of your proposed treatment plan so that you can better understand his recommendations.
Following your consultation, one of our Treatment Coordinators will be available to assist you with scheduling appointments and financial issues. If your treatment plan involves other dental specialists, she will coordinate the treatment sequence with the other offices for you and will serve as your personal liaison with them.

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