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Invisalign treatment consists of a series of clear aligners that you change about every two weeks. Each aligner is individually manufactured with exact calculations to gradually shift your teeth into place and produce the perfect smile. Invisalign allows you to have orthodontic treatment without interfering with your day to day life and without any unsightly braces.

Invisalign Treatment (Coming soon!)
  • A full dental examination will be carried out by Dr. Nicholson. Impressions and x-rays will then be taken to allow a computer simulation of the treatment to be produced.

  • You will then be able to view the treatment and look at the final result with Dr. Nicholson on the computer. When you and the Dr. Nicholson are happy to proceed, the aligners are manufactured to move your teeth to the desired position.

  • The treatment time varies on the complexity of the case and on the tooth movements required but is usually between 9 and 18 months.

  • At the end of treatment you will be provided with retainers that are worn at night to maintain your perfect smile.

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